Who is looking at the picture of the cat?

Often, on introducing a new person to the subject of Dianetics and Scientology, we have assisted them to understand that the mind and body are two separate things, other than themselves, the thetan (or spiritual being), by having them close their eyes and get a “picture of a cat”, when they have done that you say, “That is an image in the mind and the mind is made up of many such pictures”, then, when there is good agreement that they are “seeing” the cat picture you ask; “Who is looking at that picture?” They most likely will say, “Well I am”, and your response would be, “Great, that is you as a being, looking at a picture in the mind”, and take it from there. This is a very easy exercise to slip into everyday conversation and can be done in a conversational way.

By this simple example you can get them to realize that they perceived the picture of the cat, not the body; and that the picture was a mental image picture in their mind.

 Now that mental picture might have been a recall of an actual cat from their past or they might have simply imagined it.

 So let’s take a look at this thing called “imagination”.

 This is what Ron has to say about it:

In the entire field of life, it is imagination which delivers answers. If one cannot imagine he cannot predict. … The ability to imagine the answer by recombining existing factors has not been developed or disciplined. …. Prediction of beingness is somewhat different from simple prediction. It is not necessary to have pictures to tell one what is going to happen, but it is necessary to have the potentiality of imagining what is going to happen to accurately assess a situation.

Thus, it may be seen that the inhibition of the imagination … directly results in the inhibition of … ability to resolve problems relating to his own environment and his own life. This nullification of imagination should not exist; however, the individual should be able to utilize this imagination, and the imagination should be under the discipline of the individual. … Delusion is imagination out of control. The control and discipline of imagination and its employment for the artistic and practical gains of the individual would be the highest goal of a training process.
THE JOURNAL OF SCIENTOLOGY – Issue 14-G – April, 1953

Now we can see why Ron includes the Aesthetic band into the SEVENTH DYNAMIC. The creative imagination of the artist is coming purely from the thetan themself and that creative flow, whether it be through music, art, writing, dance, decorating your own home, or even creating a fun day out or a lovely meal for the family, that very creative flow permeates through all the rest of the person’s Dynamics

AESTHETICS: Free theta is attention units free enough to be directed of your own volition…. The aesthetic band is practically a disintegrating band. For instance, you can generate music and practically own people…. You become to some extent that with which you agree…. Somebody thought this universe up—literally—that’s why you can disintegrate engrams…. You can place on your future track facsimiles of future high level beingness…. On the seventh dynamic, look for overt acts against aesthetics….
THE TIME TRACK –  June 1952 – Vol I – Page 418

So, what is the Seventh Dynamic? Per LRH:

THE SEVENTH DYNAMIC—is the urge toward existence as or of spirits. Anything spiritual, with or without identity, would come under the heading of the Seventh Dynamic. . PAB 83 – THE CONDITIONS OF EXISTENCE – May 1956

 And Ron also refers to the following:

 VII. THE THOUGHT DYNAMIC concerns the urge of the individual to survive as thought.   From DTOT Page 9

This in turn, leads us to Telepathy and all the theta flows that we pick up from others long before they have even voiced their thought. It is quite surprising how telepathic we really are and some display the most startling telepathic abilities that quite amaze us – all of which is the thetan’s ability to operate on and through the SEVENTH Dynamic.

And now we can see why Ron says the following:

The basic characteristic of the individual includes his ability to so expand into the other Dynamics, but when the Seventh Dynamic is reached in its entirety one will only then discover the true First Dynamic.
PAB 83 – THE CONDITIONS OF EXISTENCE – May 1956 – VOL I I – Page 412

And lastly:

As you go up tone scale, you reach new levels of ARC with your own kind…. At the level where you don’t feel the need to arm-yourself-against, where you trust, that is the level of true brotherhood….”
THE TIME TRACK – June 1952 – Vol I – Page 418

Anyone looking into the religions of Earth will discover that there is huge confusion on the subject of self, spirits, beings etc. Many consider that they have a “soul” and have lost site of the fact that they are the “Soul”, or as we call it “Thetan”. (The Scientology view is that a person does not have a soul, they are a soul. A person is immortal, and may be reincarnated if they wish. The Scientology term for the soul is “thetan”, derived from the Greek word “theta”, symbolizing thought).

ON THE SEVENTH DYNAMIC:… One finds Theta necessary in the conquest of MEST. Man, without Theta and without an observance of the requirements and necessities of Theta—in other words without an observance of the natural laws of Theta and the preservation of those natural laws—could not much succeed along any of the dynamics.

It is not only possible but probable that there is a whole array of perceptics similar to man’s perceptics to MEST back to Theta itself. Thus man could be supposed to have a line of perceptics back to Theta as we already know he has perceptics to MEST. In this wise one could consider that first there is Theta, then there is Life itself, and then there is MEST; man standing in the center between Theta and MEST as Life must of course have an observance of MEST.

Man has been observing the natural laws of MEST. Now he is discovering some of the natural laws of Theta. Thus, he is a channel of conquest. It could even be supposed or named that that Theta which is in him is what has been called the human soul and that this on death withdraws, since there is probably a conservation of Theta as well as of MEST.

One can see then that here we have an interaction between Theta and MEST.

MEST has a natural kickback against Theta—an involvement and a confusion with Theta-since MEST itself, however its natural laws may be, is chaos. Thus MEST can blindly and grumblingly drive the Theta out of Life; MEST then adding in a physical force to the business of living can gain, as an engram, entirely too much force within the individual and so can disturb the natural laws of MEST by substituting for them the natural laws of Theta which are based primarily upon reasonability.
L Ron Hubbard Group Auditing – Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletin – JAN 1951 – Vol I page 89

Also …

The postulate that function controls structure brings us to the Seventh Dynamic. This is the urge of the individual to survive as thought, or theta. Someday man may be able to start a flow of theta from one point to another, but even now it works well as a theory. Through use of the theta postulate human beings can be rather rapidly deaberrated. Theta plus MEST equals life. Theta energy, whether from a divine Creator or from a battery somewhere in the sky, is not physical universe energy.
All Possible Aberrations – From a Lecture by L. Ron Hubbard September 1951 – Vol I – Page 158


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1 thought on “Who is looking at the picture of the cat?”

  1. Another good article, thanks.

    There is tremendous pressure exerted by some people to prove that life, thought, imagination, emotion, consciousness, art, love, sociableness, and anything else we generally associate with actual living, is a totally accidental result of a random chaos of particles and energy originating in the Big Bang.

    But in my fifty-odd years of talking to thousands of people, very few actually believe this. Most aren’t sure of what else to believe, and the rest belong to some religion. Even proper sceptics acknowledge that closing the door on knowledge is a mistake.

    A fantastic virtue of Scientology and Dianetics is that it can deliver a personal realisation of one’s actual existence as a free-thinking being who is independent of the material universe. The material world at once, loses it authority. It is a fantastically liberating experience, and was the object of the old OT level V: Freedom from fixed interiorisation into MEST.

    As Scientologists, we know that some people bitterly oppose this knowledge.

    The majority of people, in my experience, expect that there is more to existence than we currently perceive. Maybe the bird did sing in the forest when no-one was there.

    The brilliance of LRH was bringing to us a method by which we could learn of our true identity and environment.

    Spirit is a vague, common-parlance word we use without really knowing what it means; we sort of have a rough idea, which most people sort of agree on.

    Ron’s genius was to clarify the definitions of the physical universe, the mind, the spirit, and the body, and explain what these things really are; he did it in a way that anyone could understand. The differentiation of things was crucial. This had never been done before. And he was able to produce axioms from which a productive technology of personal realisation of the world could be evolved. That technology he called Scientology, and it was a method of knowing how to know, leading to cognition. Knowing something for oneself is the most important element of Scientology, in Ron’s view.

    Far and away, this is the most vital, critical skill anyone could ever have.

    Only a slaver would oppose it, and that currently includes the Co$.

    There is nothing in the world that compares to regaining one’s certainty of immortality and the friendship of one’s comrades. And for sure, it is not to be found in the Co$, but only in the independent, freezone world.

    Thank you all for being there and staying true to LRH.

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