Why case comes back!

So, you have done OT5 and / or OT7 and have noticed case coming back on you …

Read the website below for an interesting view on the phenomena and an understanding as to what is going on with such cases, and most importantly, the solution to this problem!


Excalibur is that body of technology developed by Captain Bill Robertson, at the instruction of L Ron Hubbard and under his guidance, it’s purpose being to terminatedly deal with the band of case, described by David Mayo (Snr CS Int 1970 to 1983) as the NOTS case.


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2 thoughts on “Why case comes back!”

  1. Excalibur made so much sense to me that I had no hesitation in doing it. It totally finished off what I had previously attempted to handle after four years on NOTS. {Twice completed} On Excalibur I achieved the improvements I wanted and it pushed me into achieving even greater levels of understanding of what this game of life is all about. There is much knowledge to be gained if you want it !!!!! Have fun. Frank

  2. Excalibur was the route that allowed me to finish off case that was only partially handled.Further the fantastic aspect of this level is that if I missed anything ,I simply come back and handle it.I was on Solo Nots for five long years and I had more gain in a few months on Excal than I had ever hoped for.

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