Why is Communication so important


With a thorough Communication Course, a person graduates off that course with excellent TR’s. (TR’s  are a training regimen or routine. Often referred to as a training drill).

They are very aware of these valuable communication drills and do their best to apply them into their everyday life.

When they communicate to you, they ensure that they have your attention and deliver the communication in a way that ensures that you receive the communication. They make sure that you have duplicated and understood that communication.

When they talk to you; you make sure you are listening to them and understand what is being said. Because you understand that correct communication is a vital part of happy living.

If communication is so important, what is communication? It is best expressed as its formula, which has been isolated, and by use of which a great many interesting results can be brought about in ability changes. There are two kinds of communication, both depending upon the viewpoint assumed. There is outflowing communication and inflowing communication. A person who is talking to somebody else is communicating to that person (we trust), and the person being talked to is receiving communication from that person. Now, as the conversation changes, we find that the person who has been talked to is now doing the talking, and is talking to the first person, who is now receiving communication from him.
L Ron Hubbard – Dianetics 55

The formula of communication is: Cause, Distance, Effect with Intention, Attention and Duplication with Understanding. (HCOB 5 Apr 73)

 Unfortunately, as time goes by, old bad communication habits start to creep back into one’s family and social life. How often do we find ourselves talking to our children, wives, or friends while they are reading a book or watching the TV?

No attention is gained and so the communication results in mis-duplication and “not heard”.

Go into any restaurant and take a look at the people there. Are they communicating per the Communication Formula? Most of them are not. They are usually involved with their cell phones while “talking” to each other! Not much is being duplicated! Ron gives the humorous anecdote below as to how wrong a mis-duplicated communication can go …

 Now let us look at this formula of Communication and discover that we must have a duplication at Effect of what emanates from Cause. The classic example here is a telegram sent from New York City to San Francisco which says, “I love you”. When it arrives in San Francisco the machinery of communication has delivered it so that it says, “I loathe you”. This failure of duplication is looked upon as an error and would cause considerable problems and trouble. It could not be considered to be a very good communication. There was nothing wrong with the basic intention. There was nothing wrong with the Attention which would be given the wire in San Francisco. The only thing that was wrong was a failure to duplicate at Effect what emanated from Cause.

 A Communication Course can be a life changing experience for anyone. If you have done one, make sure you honestly apply it to your life. And if not, the Comm Course is available at your Ron’s Org. If you can’t get to a Ron’s Org contact them and ask them how to get the basic Comm Course Drills. They are fun to do with friends!

Communication is the heart of life, it is not only the modus operandi, and is by thousands of percent the senior in importance to affinity and reality. And this is easily demonstrated, for only if the auditor concentrates on communication can he resolve problems, predict behavior and alter or control minds. Sharply then, alert to this value of communication. The important answer is found always in the modus operandi of communication. Communication is at once the strongest hope for resolving any problem of behavior and the weakest commodity in the case one confronts. Fail to observe the singular magnitude of communication when evaluated against agreement and affinity and fail with cases. It almost does not matter what is communicated if it is communicated.”
L Ron Hubbard – SUMMARY OF NEW WORK – MAY 8, 1953


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