Wrong thing to do is nothing

As Scientologists, we are in a position to do many things to assist others. From Auditing and Training them to providing Assists and showing people references. How often do people drive past an accident and think or say, “it’s not my problem, seem to be plenty of people there helping”. But truth be told if there is not a Scientologist there giving a locational Assist, Body Comms, Touch Assist or even administrating First Aid – we are not helping!

“As organizations, we are the only people on Earth today who can say with any security whether or not a man is sane. We are the only organizations that can take a man and push him into a state of sanity where he can be trusted.

Therefore, I believe we have a certain responsibility. Maybe not the responsibility of taking over madly and going off in all different lines, and mad-dogging (acting frantically or unreasonably zealous in one’s beliefs, opinions, or pursuits) in certain directions, but we definitely have a responsibility. It doesn’t matter whether governments know what we can do or the people know what we can do. We know what we can do. We should at least, if this is what we can do, then at least throw this into the fight and use what weapons we have.

And again I tell you the wrong thing to do is nothing. We do know what we are doing with the field of the mind. We can use it. How we would go about using it I would not be prepared to say. I’m still thinking about this. I don’t know too much about it, but I know very, very well that this is a pretty good playing field. And I know I would do one awful lot before I let somebody snitch (to steal, especially in a sneaky way) it and throw it away so there can be no game.

Now, I know I would do that.

I hope that Dianetics and Scientology themselves can form a resolution to this problem. It isn’t something we would like to do. It may be something we will have to do. But again, the wrong thing to do is nothing, whatever we do about it.”
The Wrong Thing to Do Is Nothing – a lecture given by LRH on 17 November 1954




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