Youngsters today are getting a raw deal!

Youngsters today, attending schools, colleges and universities are getting a raw deal!

We are now living in an information or knowledge economy that does not essentially provide jobs through production. Our schooling systems evolved out of the industrial era to produce workers and with the advent of automation and artificial intelligence taking over in the workplace people are becoming less and less employable.

The older generation encourages their kids to go to school, and go to university thinking that will get them a job ….. Not true! This is what LRH has to say on the subject of schooling and college. ……….

“Education, continued long enough in the usual school and college, depresses the individual towards 0.3 or apathy.  The person being ‘educated’ is, day after day, immobilized, made into an effect by instructors and denied original thought.  He becomes a habitual ‘effect’ and ceases to cause.  He begins to respond automatically according to a pattern of manners given him by the home and the school system.  This is the primary reason why the modern college has yet to turn out an artist from an art major.  An artist must be a cause and continue to be cause.”

LRH, Handbook for Preclears [1951], page 93

So what are the answers? I listened to a lecture the other day, essentially about how people are becoming less employable. The speaker mentioned that in Africa something like 90% of people purchase their food from informal markets. These markets are run by entrepreneurs, (Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much goods or services will be produced) who have discovered their own way to learn and produce exchangeable products. They are moving away from being “owned” by a salary or a “boss”.  

“In education, the more esoteric and difficult a subject is made, the less the student will be able to handle the subject.  When a subject is made too formidable by an instructor, the more the student retreats from it. …


“It would then be seen to be vital that the educator be as well a communicator and that his cycle of communication be as nearly perfect as possible.”

LRH, HCOB 27 April 1971, “Education, Definition of”, Technical Bulletins volume IX, page 309

Students will ask questions that are answered right on the page in front of them. It is no effort to make them guilty or wrong. It is an effort to correct their ability to confront, duplicate, absorb and use the data they are studying. When there are errors in that student’s ability he will not use what he is given …

The only way he will fail is by not confronting, duplicating, absorbing and using the materials before him exactly like it says.


The answer is to be entrepreneurial. Any jobs that rely on information can be replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence). We need to train children to be entrepreneurial. First off they need to know how to study and learn! (LRH has much Tech in that area and we will bring you that in further Posts).

Creative skills cannot be replaced by a computer.

“The biggest skill is to be taught how to learn. Learning is not a once off skill it must be continued indefinitely”

LRH, Science of Survival, pages 172-173

“Almost all education has been hammered into the preclear as a terribly important activity. Actually it will be as much use to him as it is considered casually. This accounts in some measure for the tremendous difference in the attitude toward education of one trained by casual and interested tutors and one trained between the millstones of the public school system, with all the horrors of the examination for passing, and accounts for the complete failure on the part of universities to educate into existence a leadership class.

The secret lies entirely in the fact that education is as effective as it is pleasant unhurried, casual, and is as ineffective as it is stressed to be important.

For example, giving arithmetic the category of something terribly important is to bring the student at length into possession of a solid lump of energy which, utterly useless to him, will lie there as ‘arithmetic.’ This also accounts for the failure of the child genius. Generally his parents consider his career so important that eventually his piano playing or painting will be an energy mass. He will be as good as, and as effective as he can change his considerations, and one does not easily change his considerations in the face of such energy masses…. Solidity could be said to be stupidity.”

LRH, The Creation of Human Ability [1955], pages 176-77

 There are a number of groups these days that recognize the wisdom of what LRH states above, and have training programs and training methods without duress.

 The change in attitude and ability in these children, moved over from formal schooling, is a wonder to behold! 


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4 thoughts on “Youngsters today are getting a raw deal!”

  1. Nice article!!!!!LRH was really a genius so far ahead of the slugs that now try to denigrate him and so far beyond their understanding that they are to be pitied….that’s actually to high toned for them 🙁

  2. Absolutely! My schooling was dismal – never encouraged to give our own input – and thoroughly suppressed if we tried – simply told to not interrupt, sit down and comply.

  3. I agree. All kids of today are expected to do is memorize all the very useless data that they are forced to learn without any choice and then when they leave school they are totally unequipped to cope with real life.
    But what can we do about it?

    Even current methods of teaching given outside formal schooling aren’t really sufficient to equip our youth for the technical world we live in today – and although we can use LRH study tech when helping our kids with their homework, due to the syllabus that is available to them that is still inadequate. There must be a better more effective way to bring about change in this field
    What other solutions are there?

    What other solutions are available?


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