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As we mentioned in our last Post “The Secret of Success” the ARC and KRC Triangles need to work closely together and here is more on that subject. None can say it better than LRH …

Knowledge and control and responsibility all go hand in glove. These things are all together.

“In order to know about something, you must have some control over it – some slight control – to know about it. In order to have control over something, you must have some responsibility for it. In order to be responsible for it, you must know something about it. And we sort of have a brand-new triangle, composed of knowledge, control and responsibility as three corners.

Now we’re up into the postulate zone. We’re not talking very much about mechanics, flows, masses – you know, that sort of thing. We’re talking about almost pure think.”

In other words, a postulate is an intention to produce a certain effect. But an intention is not be just a mere thought; it has to be an actual carrier wave to ensure sufficient Control is used to produce the required effect.

However, if attention is misdirected onto something else while carrying out that original postulate, the carrier wave of the original Intention becomes  weakened, Knowledge of the consequences is not confronted, Responsibility for the actual cycle in hand was lowered, and Control goes out resulting in an undesired effect.

“These are the considerations people have and, oddly enough, these considerations are rather easy to change.

Now, the only thing that can hurt anybody is the area where his control has relapsed. This we see very obviously, that an automobile will hurt you if you lose control of it. This is one of those obvious facts, and you could dust it off that way…

Well, all right. The exact mechanic is that you committed overt acts against the terminals representing that zone that you now don’t know about; you’ve buried them. All you see is the menace. But the overt acts are there. On a reciprocal, that area can now do something harmful to you. And horribly enough, it becomes more harmful the less responsibility you take for it. You really want to get caved in, just back off totally from an area…”

Intelligence is the ability to evaluate relative importance. The inability to evaluate importances of correct time, location or composition results in failure.

“Zone of influence is terrifically important. You want to know why we have not influenced further than we have? You want to know how we could influence further than we do? Well, the answer is there, with that triangle of knowledge, control and responsibility. All we have to do to straighten it out is get off our overts against any area we wish to control, and we’ll control it again. It’s very simple – so idiotically simple that only a very honest man with a very honest view could grasp the situation, which is probably our saving grace, you see?…

So if you want to enlarge your communication zone, if you want to enlarge your zone of control, if you want to command more of the substance of this planet, if you want to share more in the game, why, the route is there. Not through so much a gimmick, like the Purity League (But I hope somebody will do that, you know? If you don’t I will, you know?), but actually by recovering actual zone of influence.

By recovering a zone of influence, you will be able – very, very thoroughly – by recovering this zone of influence to take responsibility for that zone and to guide it right. And anything you’re protesting about going wrong, you have the power to make go right, providing you get your overts off against that zone.”
L Ron Hubbard – ZONES OF CONTROL AND RESPONSIBILITY OF GOVERNMENTS – A lecture given on 3 January 1960

Theta has the ability to bring order to chaos and is concerned with growth and expansion.

As Scientologists, OT’s or wherever one may be on the road to a more enlightened beingness we can take responsibility and make it go right – don’t you agree?



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